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Here is a little background information.  I am running two 5.0M/800k DSL lines in my home as my internet connection (not that it matters really but for the sake of information: one is on my phone line, the other is a dry line).  In order to use these as a single bonded connection, I’ve setup an Asus WL-520GU running Tomato/MLPPP v1.21-mp3alpha4.   I won’t get into any details as to how to set-up a multi-link MLPPP connection using that specific firmware as tons of documentation and howtos can easily be found using Google.  There is one problem with a multi-link MLPPP connection using Tomato/MLPPP v1.21-mp3alpha4 though.  While it’s possible to access one of the two DSL modems from the LAN (using the Basic -> Network : Route Modem IP option), it’s impossible to access the second DSL modem (at least using a Thompson ST516 DSL modem since it’s supposedly impossible to change its IP address).  Believing that last bit of information, I tried to fiddle with various routing and masquerading options, which all failed.  […]

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