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Reference thread: http://www.runeaudio.com/forum/post7636.html#p7636

OK, I`ve spent the entire day on this because I just hate the auto-play on boot behavior. I do want the state saved to keep the existing playlist, but in my case, resuming play on boot makes no sense at all (ex: power outage at night – boom, sound system starts blasting music I was listening to some other day)

The fix is in several parts:
1) make sure that the mpdstate file is on « pause » at startup
2) remove a play command in orion_optimize.sh

The following tutorial was done on RuneAudio 0.3 for Raspberry PI.

Part 1 : Change mpdstate before mpd starts

When mpd quits, it saves it states to the state file (/var/lib/mpd/mpdstate). If your device rebooted while it was playing, we will want to have it chagned to pause in order ot avoid mpd restart play.

Create a new script and save it somewhere (example here: /home/user/mpd_state_pause). The script will modify the mpdstate file so that the mpd state is always « paused »


# Modify MPD's state file to ensure current state is "pause"
sed -i 's/^\(state: \).*/\1pause/' /var/lib/mpd/mpdstate

Now, let’s run that script before starting mpd. The best way is to use systemctl’s ExecStartPre directive. Modify /usr/lib/systemd/system/mpd.service to add the ExecStartPre line below: (don’t forget to change the path of the script to the location you chose earlier)

Description=Music Player Daemon
After=network.target sound.target

ExecStart=/usr/bin/mpd --no-daemon


Part 2 : Fix the orion_optimize.sh script

Even though I did Part 1, I could see in the UI that MPD was being restarted, and oh no, play resumed. It took me a freakin’ while, but I eventually found out that /var/www/command/rune_SY_wrk was calling /var/www/command/orion_optimize.sh, and at line 159, that script was calling « mpc play ».

Comment out « mpc play » at line 159.

Part 3 : Test your setup

Go to the RuneAudio web UI, put a couple tunes/web radios in the queue, hit Play. Now reboot the device.

Once rebooted, the queue should still contain all your files, but play will not resume. It will be paused.



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